ENVSN x #BOYBEAUTY Festival Recap




ENVSN x #BOYBEAUTY Festival Recap

Hundreds gathered in Brooklyn, New York this past weekend to be

empowered and motivated at the first ever ENVSN Festival. A diverse

crowd sought panel discussions and workshops to better verse themselves on

a wide array of topics. ENVSN panelists helped shed light on conversations

we struggle to face, while workshops hosts gave us insight into our potential

and how we can take the steps to become who we ultimately want to be.

Speaking of Which: WHO ARE WE?

Founded by two badass sisters in 20ll, Chika and Cheve Chan, with more

than a combined 23 years in this beauty game. Companies like Bobbi

Brown, Elie Saab, and John Varvatos, have trusted MAKE-UP PRO NEW

YORK to help bring their visions to life. MAKE-UP PRO NEW YORK is

about sharing skills, products and expertise to let you express yourself

through the art of make-up.

MAKE-UP PRO NEW YORK is built on individuality, self-expression, and

making your own rules. Our educational workshops, runway beauty features,

community appearances, and our line of make-up, BOY by MAKE-UP PRO

NEW YORK, all celebrate you and your love of all things beauty.


Inspired by the visionaries and self-starters – MAKE-UP PRO NEW YORK

focuses on bringing together the strong, inspired, mixed array of artists who,

at the core, believe in the power of education and creativity. It’s a

collaboration of possibilities where the uncommon is the common. We are a

platform of encouragement for the artistic mind.



As MAKE-UP PRO NEW YORK continues to grow, one thing will always

remain the same: we’ll provide quality make-up that’s accessible for all.  But

most of all, we’ll keep aiming to bring out the very BEST OF YOU.